What is the Best of British?

Best of British is simply a celebration of the lifestyle aspects that together have helped put the 'Great' in Great Britain. Created by  Hong Kong-based TCOB Media, with the support of the British Consulate-General, Hong Kong, in addition to that of a number of the United Kingdom's best-known brands and companies, Best of British will entertain the Hong Kong public with a variety of unique cultural  including open-air cinema, food festival, and the Great British Drinks Experience!

When and where does The Best of British take place?

The Best of British 2018 event will take place over six days in October between 9th-14th in Tamar Park.

Can my business be part of The Best of British?

Absolutely. We are always happy to hear from businesses who want to get involved in this festival of Britishness - especially if those businesses have a connection with what we like to refer to as the 'Old Country'. Please contact Best of British event director Yuki Yoshimura at yuki@tcob-media.com to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

How can I attend The Best of British events?

Entry to Best of British events will be free to all members of the public. Only the Open-air cinema will be ticketed however.

How do I sign up for media credentials?

All media enquiries should be directed to yuki@tcob-media.com. Our communications team will be delighted to hear from you.

For all other enquiries please email us at info@tcob-media.com. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Best of British.