What is Best of British?

Born out of a desire to highlight the UK’s world-renowned culture and enterprise in Asia’s World City, Best of British is a first-of-its-kind event in Hong Kong. Endorsed by the British Consulate-General, Hong Kong and the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Best of British comprises a series of inspiring events and consumer campaigns that have been designed to promote British brands and figures and entertain the Hong Kong public.

As well as creating a unique opportunity for British businesses and companies with deep-rooted British ties, Best of British, which will take in some of Hong Kong's most high-profile attractions and venues, is a platform that has charity at its heart.

The full programme of events is designed, managed and produced by the Best of British board, a hand-picked selection of notable names and personalities from the spheres of government, business and entertainment. Private sector sponsorship and partnerships between stakeholders is essential to the growth of Best of British, which delivers commercial and charitable success.




Days of Entertainment